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Top 5 Wedding Cake Trends for 2022

Wedding cake trends this year range from the simple and classic to anything goes. If it’s edible, you’ll see it at weddings in 2022.

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Pressed flowers

In keeping with our current desire to celebrate the natural world, we’re adding touches of nature everywhere, including our wedding cakes.

Pressing edible flowers into the buttercream not only offers a unique pop of color, but also a bit of an informal

Have You Considered a Lab-Created Diamond?

Whether for budget, humanitarian, or ecological reasons, many people have turned to a lab-created diamond for their engagement ring.

Studies estimate that an average of 1,750 tons of earth must be removed for every one-carat rough diamond. As with coal mining, the result is untold devastation to the soil, water, and wildlife, as well as the native peoples, who can no longer farm or even live around the resulting open-pit mines.

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Less-destructive solution

Where to Stay in Miami

If you’re planning an event in Miami, of course, you’ll want to hold it at Miami’s best event space, the Historic Alfred I. duPont Building.

stay miami events

And if you’re bringing in guests from out of town, they’ll want to know where to stay while they’re here. Here are a few of our favorites:

Luxury accommodations

According to U.S. News and World Report, Miami is home to three of the top 50 hotels in the country. Each year the magazine releases its list of the nation’s best lodging, ranked on the comfort of accom

Thinking Green for Your Wedding Reception

Want to keep your reception as eco-friendly as possible? Many people do these days, especially considering the amount of waste produced by the average wedding. One survey, for example, found that a wedding reception hosting 100-120 people produces about 400-600 pounds of waste. So if you want to create a sustainable wedding reception, here are a few ideas.

Combine sites

One way to cut down on travel for the wedding party and guests, thus reducing carbon emissions, is to find a venue that can accommodate both the wedding and the reception.

The historic Alfred I. duPont building in downtown Miami is a perfect example of a venue that can serve dual purposes. With its dramatic interiors and convenient location, it makes

What’s In Store for Wedding Dresses in 2022

If you want to be on-trend at your 2022 wedding, here’s what fashion experts suggest you consider.

Biggest Event Trends for 2022

event trends 2022

The good news for 2022 is that, even with the omicron variant rearing its ugly head, we’re still light-years away from where we were in February of 2020. We now have the vaccines, and effective treatments, and a pent-up tidal wave of people desperate to get back to normal.

The bad news is that some are still reluctant to travel to large events. So it’s up to those planning such events to put people’s minds at ease. This could mean offering on-site testing, advanced air-filtration systems, specialized cleaning crews, flexible cancellation policies, and so on, to ensure the health

7 helpful tips to conquer wedding day planning

In this two-part series, we’re breaking down the most commonly asked questions when it comes to planning your wedding day. 

From figuring out your budget to gathering inspiration, and navigating your guest list we had some of our preferred wedding planners share their insight and expertise with us. 

Three of our favorite planners share their insight and respond to each of our questions. We interviewed Jamie from The Absolute Event, Grace from Red Velvet Productions, and Eric from read more

A Breathtaking Indian Wedding for the Venus et Fleur Founders

We think it’s safe to say this breathtaking Indian Wedding is unlike any other you’ve seen before. But, when the founders of the famous Eternity Rose, Venus et Fleur get married, it’s easy to see why.

Indian Wedding Venus et Fleur founders

Indian Wedding Venus et Fleur founders

No Curfew for the Top Miami Wedding Venue

Your wedding is the best. day. ever. Don’t let the best day ever get cut short by ending the party early.  There’s no bigger buzzkill than having your Miami Wedding Venue tell you to stop the music and get out at 11 PM.

Your Late Night Miami Wedding Venue

If you’re looking for a late night wedding venue in Miami, we, at the Historic Al

A Vintage Wedding that Rivals A Royal Garden Party

The lush greenery, the earthy elements and the soft hues of this vintage wedding make this a real-life fairy tale, one we just can’t get enough of.

Lush Greenery Tablescape Design | Vintage Garden Wedding at the Historic Alfred I DuPont Building in Miami, FL

Creating a Garden-Like Wedding, Indoors

Chelsea, a Pennsylvania native, and Jared, a southern guy from Louisiana had the most beautiful, romantic, and absolutely breathtaking wedding. The attention to detail and the use of emerald green and ivor