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2024 Miami Great Gatsby Party: A 1920s Gala

The Great Gatsby Party": A Dazzling Return to the Roaring Twenties in Miami

A century after the era that inspired it, the most enchanting and dazzling event of all, "The Great Gatsby Party", makes its return to Miami, channeling the exuberance, decadence, and party spirit of the roaring twenties.

A sensation since its New York City debut in 2015, this year's epic celebration revisits The Historic Alfred I Dupont Building (169 E Flagler St, Miami, FL 33131) on Friday, January 12, and Saturday, January 13, for two unforgettable evenings where l

Live Music or DJ: Making the Right Choice for Your Event


Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception, a corporate event, or a grand birthday party, the kind of music you choose to entertain your guests with can make or break the event. It’s a vital decision, and often boils down to two popular choices — live music or a DJ. Let’s take a closer look at both options, examining the pros and cons to help you make the right choice for your upcoming event at The Historic Alfred I duPont Building.

The Magnetism of Live Music


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Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking at Your Next Event

It’s one of the top ten fears: speaking in public. Whether it’s a presentation for your company, a toast at a wedding, or an introduction at your next conference, the very thought triggers butterflies in your belly and rubber in your knees.

But take comfort in knowing that even actors who perform in front of others are often terrified of speaking in public when away from the cameras. In fact, studies estimate that around 75 percent of the population experiences the fear of public speaking.

So take a deep breath and relax, and follow these sure-fire tips to help conquer your glossophobia (that’s the technical term).

Dance your way into The DuPont Building with Malu Trevejo & Gente De Zona’s latest music video “Nadie Como Yo”

Check out the latest music video “Nadie Como Yo” by  Malu Trevejo & Gente De Zona recorded at The DuPont Building

Miami New Times Article “Miami International Film Festival 2016 Opening Night Party”

Filmmakers and film enthusiasts alike danced, toasted, and had laughed with friends to celebrate the 33rd annual Miami International Film Festival.  The beautiful Alfred I. DuPont building served as the perfect venue for this festive occasion, with a live mariachi band and cake.

Telemundo Entretenimiento’s article “Mira el nuevo video de Pitbull ‘Baddest Girl in Town’ junto a Mohombi y Wisin”

The historic Alfred I. DuPont building served as the perfect shooting venue for Pitbull’s music video “Baddest Girl in Town”, which tells the story of six women who rob a bank and only have a few minutes to escape with the money and arrive at their destination.  The beauty and elegance of the building shows off the wealth of the bank the women are robbing in the video.