How to Navigate the Wedding Flower Shortage

The pandemic threw a wrench into so many areas of our lives, it’s hard to remember everything that went haywire as a result.

But unless you’ve tried planning a wedding lately, there’s been one impact you may not have noticed: a severe shortage of wedding flowers. As a result, Brides reports that “some couples are having to fight tooth and nail” to find what they want.

What’s behind the wedding flower shortage?

Many couples had to postpone their nuptials due to COVID-19 interruptions. These delayed ceremonies, along with the weddings that would normally occur, means that 2.5 million weddings are taking place this year, the highest number since 1984.

In addition, many of the usual suppliers for wedding flowers had to lay off workers and curtail their operations or even shut down during the pandemic.

And even if vendors managed to overcome the shortages, transportation issues added to the problem.

“When we can source a product, getting it to the U.S. or its final destination has been a problem,” Joan Wyndrum, florist and founder of the wholesale flower company, Blooms by the Box, told Brides. 

Florist and event designer Marcy Almoney of Foster’s Flower Shop agreed, telling the York (PA) Dispatch that the recent airline travails aren’t just inconveniencing tourists.

“Flights are getting consolidated and so the flowers are technically getting bumped off the flight,” she said. “They end up sitting on the tarmac cooking in the sun.”

Tips on some workarounds

So what’s a harried bride to do amidst this wedding flower shortage?

1. Be flexible. Rather than focusing on a single flower, think color or fragrance or theme and let your florist find the right flower to match.

2. Think local. Flowers sourced locally are sustainable, fresh, and there’s no question about availability.

3. Go silk. CeCe Todd, owner of CeCe Designs and Events in Birmingham, Alabama, tells the Wedding Wire that these days silk alternatives look and feel exactly like fresh flowers. Plus, they last.

“‘Real touch’ orchids, for instance, are perfect for achieving that luxury look without needing to worry about real orchids falling flat or wilting,” she said.

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