Here’s Your Guide to Tipping Wedding Vendors

When you’re making out your wedding budget, be sure to set aside a line item for tipping your various wedding vendors. There are so many different vendors associated with a wedding, though, it can be hard to know how much to give and to whom.

“Even though it is not required—unless it is stated on your contract or invoice—I highly recommend tipping, at a minimum, the individuals who will be paid the least, but do more of the ‘heavy lifting’ on the day of,” Summer Newman, of Summer Newman Events, a Southern California-based wedding planning and design firm, tells Martha Stewart Weddings.

Remember that tradition holds you don’t have to tip the owner of a business. But if they’re a small business that performed above and beyond expectations, you might want to include a little extra for their efforts.

Also, be sure to check to your contract to see if tips (sometimes called a “service fee”) are already included. If you’re tipping the day of the wedding, it’s a good idea to designate someone to handle that task for you.

Here are some guidelines for tipping your wedding vendors or to other people who will be helping to make your wedding a success.


Tips required

  • Officiant: a donation to their place of worship, plus $50-$100 personally
  • Caterer: 15-20 percent of the food bill (unless included in the contract)
  • Wait staff: $20 or more each
  • Delivery staff: $5-$20 per person, depending on how much they transported and set up
  • Hair/makeup designers: 15-25 percent of the fee
  • Musicians: $25-$50 each
  • DJ: 10-15 percent of the total bill
  • Parking attendants: $1-$2 per car
  • Other attendants (restroom, coatroom, etc.) $1-$2 per guest
  • Transportation: 15-20 percent of the bill (unless included in the contract)
  • Photographer (if working for a larger company): $100-$200
  • Bartenders: 10-15 percent of the total tab (unless included in the contract)
  • Wedding planner’s team: $100-$500 each

Tips optional (for exceptional service)

  • Wedding planner: 10-20 percent of the bill
  • Attire alterations: 10-15 percent of the bill
  • Florist: 10-15 percent of the bill
  • Cake baker: 10 percent of the bill

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