Wedding Trends that are Untraditional

Now that we’re nearly halfway through 2022, it’s becoming more apparent what this year’s top wedding trends are. And if there’s one trend that’s crowding out all the rest, it’s couples are opting for untraditional wedding choices.

From the wedding dress to the food to the venue, couples are tossing tradition aside for unique choices.

“Couples are leaving behind super formal, black-tie celebrations and exploring cocktail-style parties, food truck parties, dance parties, everything outside of the typical wedding box,” Brooklyn-based event planner Jove Meyer of Jove Meyer Events tells The Knot.

While many couples are still holding traditional weddings with all the trimmings, others are planning untraditional wedding ceremonies that reflect their personal values, tastes, or interests.


The Dress

When it comes to outfitting both the bride and the wedding party, it appears white is outré.

According to Brides, Pinterest this month reported on its most popular 2022 searches for wedding dresses. Near the top of the trend were such topics as “black dress wedding party,” “black boho wedding dress,” and “vampire wedding dress.”

Other popular searches put an even older spin on the meaning of tradition, with people going back to their global roots for inspiration. This means their dresses might be traditional Chinese, Mexican, Rwandan, Peruvian, Korean, or Pakistani.


The Food

The cultural trend also extends to the food, incorporating native dishes in keeping with whatever country they’ve selected.

But they’re also moving away from the traditional plated meal into fun foods and whimsy, according to The Knot. A waiter at weddings these days may be bearing a tray of KFC wings in individual buckets, mini-servings of caviar, or sushi flights.

Or couples may not have waiters at all. A popular trend is to arrange for a food truck to pull up for your guests. This way, you support a local business and dispense with the formality of a sit-down dinner.

Alan Phillip Photography

The Venue

Because couples are breaking with tradition in other areas, they’re doing the same with the venues they select.

Sustainability is a huge influence on weddings these days. That means cutting down on international travel, according to Annie Lee, principal event planner of Daughter of Design. She calls this trend “domestic destination events.”

“People have been discovering beautiful private estates on American soil,” she tells The Knot.

As an example, you could hold your retro Gatsby-inspired wedding in the gilded Art Deco ambiance of the Historic duPont Building in downtown Miami. Its stunning architecture and dramatic interiors will provide the perfect setting.