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How to Throw a Murder Mystery Party

Who doesn’t love a good whodunnit? Whether you want to plan something unusual for your friends, or you’re looking for a unique addition to any corporate gathering, why not throw a murder mystery party? It’s fun, it’s involving, and it’s a great team-building tool.

It may seem too complicated, but you can pull together an intriguing murder mystery party with a little planning and a couple of weeks. There are plenty of budget-friendly and even free murder mystery party kits available online. For a higher-end bash, you can even hire companies that will send actors

How to Plan Your Wedding Reception Floor Plan

So many details of your wedding to get right! One you might not have thought of is the layout of your reception floor plan.

As wedding expert Layne Povey told Brides, “Strategic layout is essential to the success and flow of your event."

“Ensuring that you have enough space between tables for both guest comfort and services is extremely important, but making sure that you are still creating an intimate space that doesn’t feel like a banquet hall is how your event comes to life,” she explained.

So here are some tips for making the most of your venue to have the perfect floor plan for your reception.

How Event Tech Can Make Conference Planning Easier

Pity the poor conference planner these days. With budgets tightened, COVID-19 still lurking, and layoffs looming, companies are asking their organizers to do more with less. That means they want their events to be successful without spending much.

The answer? Event technology.

You probably already incorporate some basic event tech into your conference: digital check-in and RFID badges; social media walls that display attendees’ posts and photos; and, of course, mobile event apps to facilitate communication and help build connections.

And natura

Biggest Event Trends for 2023

One leftover result of the pandemic is that we discovered how many things could be accomplished remotely. From Zoom meetings to webinars to remote work, to say that things changed in the last three years is a gross understatement.

And event trends for 2023 all foresee the continuance of hybrid events, because not only has the technology advanced remarkably, but also because we’ve become more comfortable with it.

What this means is it now takes more of an EVENT to draw people in person. Just as it takes a blockbuster film to get people into an actual movie theater these days, in-person events will need to offer features that simply aren’t available remotely. Let's take a closer look at some of the 2023 top event trends.

Here’s Your Guide to Tipping Wedding Vendors

When you’re making out your wedding budget, be sure to set aside a line item for tipping your various wedding vendors. There are so many different vendors associated with a wedding, though, it can be hard to know how much to give and to whom.

“Even though it is not required—unless it is stated on your contract or invoice—I highly recommend tipping, at a minimum, the individuals who will be paid the least, but do more of the ‘heavy lifting’ on the day of,” Summer Newman, of Summer Newman Events, a Southern California-based wedding planning and design firm, tells Martha Stewart Weddings.

Remember that tradition holds you don’t have to tip the ow

Sure-Fire Ways for Speakers to Engage Their Audience

It’s every speaker’s nightmare: a conference audience more interested in its phones, fingernails, or the floor than in what you’re saying. You’ve just made a point you spent days to carefully craft, and all you hear are shuffles and a few coughs.

But there are ways to wake up your audience, capture their attention, and engage them. Here are a few foolproof methods to help.

engage audience

Know your audience

Investigate beforehand what their goals are. If you’re trying to tell them how to increase their sales, for example, do your homework and f

How to Plan an Elegant New Year’s Eve Party

Ten . . . nine . . . eight . . . seven . . . Time is running out, not only on 2022, but on the time you have left to plan a fabulous, unforgettable New Year’s Eve party. So we’re here to help you out.

The vibe

To set your gala apart from every other New Year’s bash, you’ll need a theme for your party. This is the fun part, where you let your imagination run wild an important first step to plan your New Year's Eve party.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A black and wh

Sure-Fire Team-Building Exercises for Your Company

The pandemic played havoc with so many aspects of our lives, including the team cohesion that was far easier to achieve in the days when everyone worked at the same site.

Now that more of us are returning to in-person workspaces, it’s more important than ever to provide creative ways to encourage bonding among your employees. Such activities foster enhanced communication and employee morale, leading to a more productive workforce.

So here are a few team-building exercises you can offer.

Happy hour

The classic team-building event is the after-w

Planning a Memorable Company Holiday Party

Lucky you! You’ve been tasked with planning your company holiday party. So how do you make this year’s celebration stand out and—more important—make everyone want to come?

Here are a few tips to make your job a little easier.

Don’t go it alone

Even if you’re bursting with terrific ideas, have boundless energy, and are dynamite at details, get some help. A planning committee can help you make decisions and handle myriad tasks.

Know your budget

One way to lose points with management is to go over budget.

Tips to Host a More Sustainable Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to, as the name implies, give thanks to your deity, to the Universe, or to your good luck for all the things—tangible and intangible—that you have. And part of that tradition involves getting together with friends and family to celebrate your good fortune.

One of the things you’re no doubt grateful for is this planet we live on. But, as everyone knows, the earth is in trouble, so here are a few ways to host a sustainable Thanksgiving celebration.

Cut down on waste

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that Americans waste up to 40 percent of the food they buy every year. Translated to Thanksgiving, that means:

  • 172 million pounds of