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Wedding Budget: Who Pays for What?

According to Zola, the average wedding in 2023 will cost $29,000. In times past, there was no question of who was responsible for paying for a wedding: the bride’s parents, with an assist from the groom’s parents to cover the rehearsal dinner.

Now there are so many more subsidiary costs associated with a typical wedding, planning can get confusing very quickly. So when considering a modern wedding budget, who pays for what?

wedding budget

New meets old

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Crafting the Perfect Wedding Invitation

Long before your guests arrive for your carefully planned nuptials, you will be setting the stage through your wedding invitation. So you need to devote a lot of attention to getting it just right.

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Start early

When designing your wedding invitation, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make: formal or informal, digital or paper, font, layout, colors, wording . . . the options for design are literally endless. 

Wedding Tradition of Jumping the Broom

One of the unique cultural touches accompanying many Black weddings these days is the tradition known as jumping the broom. Wedding Wire calls it “a reclamation of Black history,” spanning centuries and continents, with “roots in the African diaspora and slavery.”

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The practice of jumping the broom at Black weddings first broke into pop culture

How to Plan Your Wedding Reception Floor Plan

So many details of your wedding to get right! One you might not have thought of is the layout of your reception floor plan.

As wedding expert Layne Povey told Brides, “Strategic layout is essential to the success and flow of your event."

“Ensuring that you have enough space between tables for both guest comfort and services is extremely important, but making sure that you are still creating an intimate space that doesn’t feel like a banquet hall is how your event comes to life,” she explained.

So here are some tips for making the most of your venue to have the perfect floor plan for your reception.

Hottest Wedding Trend: Adoptable Pets at Your Wedding

Our pets have become such a part of our lives, it’s natural that we’d want to include them on the biggest day of our lives. 

According to Newsweek, a quarter of engaged couples want their dogs to play a role in their wedding: More than half plan to use them as ring bearers, 34 percent want to walk down the aisle with them, and 17 percent plant to include them in their first dance.

But the logistics of including pets at a wedding - an already frenzied day - can become overwhelming. Ilana Karcinski and Kelly Nova saw an untapped part of the wedding market when they realized they could create a business from handling such details for couples.

So the former college roommates a

What’s In and What’s Out: 2023 Wedding Trends

Wedding traditions never stand still, and what’s to come in weddings this year illustrates that. For example, Vogue reports that wedding hashtags, uniform bridesmaid dresses, fireworks, welcome bags, and big wedding parties standing up at the ceremony are yesterday’s news. So what will be the big 2023 wedding trends?

Rethinking the ceremony

Several of the newer 2023 wedding trends this year involve the ceremony itself. Some couples are opting for an intimate ceremony with just family and a few close friends, saving

Here’s Your Guide to Tipping Wedding Vendors

When you’re making out your wedding budget, be sure to set aside a line item for tipping your various wedding vendors. There are so many different vendors associated with a wedding, though, it can be hard to know how much to give and to whom.

“Even though it is not required—unless it is stated on your contract or invoice—I highly recommend tipping, at a minimum, the individuals who will be paid the least, but do more of the ‘heavy lifting’ on the day of,” Summer Newman, of Summer Newman Events, a Southern California-based wedding planning and design firm, tells Martha Stewart Weddings.

Remember that tradition holds you don’t have to tip the ow

How To Find the Best DJ for Your Indian Wedding

Because music is such an intrinsic part of an Indian wedding, from the sangeet to the baraat to the reception, it’s crucial to find the right DJ to keep up the energy and excitement from beginning to end.

This person will also have to serve as an emcee for the most important events, as well as providing all the audio and visual effects throughout the various ceremonies.

So here are some things to keep in mind when searching for the best DJ for your Indian wedding.

Cultural familiarity

Of course there are literally thousands of

What To Ask Before You Hire a Wedding Planner

The whole reason you'd want to hire a wedding planner is so they can take over the myriad details of your wedding. But if you hire the wrong one, your dreamed-of day could turn into a nightmare.

That’s because each wedding planner offers different services at different price points, and you need to have everything clear ahead of time.

So here’s what to ask before you hire your wedding planner.

Are you a certified wedding planner?

Your sister’s best friend from college may be great at planning weddings, but unless she has a business license

Tips On Ways to Have a Kid-Friendly Wedding

Say the phrase “kids at weddings” and some people cringe; other couples can’t imagine having it any other way.

If you’re in the latter camp, you still have to admit that formal ceremonies such as weddings can be a recipe for misery, not only for attendees and parents, but for the little ones themselves.

So if you want to include the younger set at your wedding, what are some ways to make everyone happy? Here are a few tips for hosting a kid-friendly wedding.

Base decisions on budget

Weddings are expensive, and every couple has a budg