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Easy Back-to-School Party Ideas

Some kids dread the end of their unstructured summer days. Others can’t wait to get back to their friends and their familiar school environment.

Either way, how about throwing them a fun back-to-school party to help ease the transition? That way, they can get reacquainted with some of the friends they haven’t seen for a while, and get excited about the upcoming school year.

It needn’t be fancy, just fun! Ideally, you can get together with some other parents to help.


The overall theme, of course, will be “back to school.” But there can be in

Here’s One Must-Have for Corporate Events: Headshot Opportunities

You’ve planned the speaker line-up, found a unique event venue (like the Historic Alfred I. duPont Building in downtown Miami), created a memorable menu, and orchestrated travel and hotel arrangements for attendees. So what else do you need to ensure your conference or business meeting is a success?

Offer your attendees a professional headshot station! We’re not talking about the fun photo booths that can take pictures of conference-goers in old-timey clothing or in groups with funky props or backgrounds, although you may want to provide this, as well.

We mean an on-site studio, managed by a professional photographer, with the subjects in business attire against a neutral backdrop.

Plan a Quinceañera Fit for Your Young Queen

Humans have been creating rituals surrounding the passage of children into adulthood since civilization began. The Aztec and Maya, for example, celebrated with baptismal-like ceremonies for both boys and girls as they entered puberty.

In fact, some believe this is where the modern quinceañera originated, along with the older Roman Catholic customs that colonizers brought from Spain.

Therefore, it’s not only important to the birthday girl; it’s also an important part of her culture. So to ensure it’s something she’ll always remember, here are some ideas to plan an unforgettable quinceañera.