Wedding Contracts: What To Know

Unless you went to law school, the legalese in your various wedding contracts may tend to make your head spin. And with all the other details you’re facing while planning your nuptials, you might be tempted to just hope for the best and sign.

Here’s a word of warning: Don’t! Unless you want your special day marred by an unending series of non-performing vendors, take the time to do your homework.

Know What You’re Signing

If you don’t know what’s in your contract, how will you know what you’ll be getting, when and how you’re expected to pay for it, and what happens if the vendor doesn’t deliver what you expected?

“As elementary as it sounds, read the contract,” Caroline Fox of The Engaged Legal Collective tells Brides.

“This is a really big investment,” she adds. “You shouldn’t throw 10 or 15 thousand dollars at something without knowing what’s going on.”

Understand the Legal Terms

Don’t just read the contract, but also know what the terms you’re likely to encounter mean.

For example, a force majeure clause outlines what happens if something beyond a vendor’s control occurs. This could include a hurricane, tsunami, airline strike, and so forth.

“If a vendor is unable to perform their service for your wedding, this clause guarantees that you’re covered and able to get equal or better service, or get your money back,” Susan Moran of That’s It! Wedding Concepts explains to the Wedding Wire.

If you don’t understand the terms in your contracts, it might be worth it to consult an attorney.

Be Clear With Your Vendors

If you’ve laid out a clear overall vision of what you want, then you most likely won’t be surprised by unexpected glitches.

“If you put down a deposit but haven’t figured out what the centerpieces will look like, there may be some problems down the line,” wedding lawyer Christie M. Asselin, Esq., tells The Knot.

“It’s important to communicate your expectations before agreeing to hire a vendor,” she says.

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