Event Planner’s Brunch at Historic Alfred I. duPont Building Miami


The DuPont Building’s vintage space was recently transformed into a lavish scene for a very special Wedding & Event Planners Brunch at our luxury wedding venue in Miami

The success of this stunning event was a harmonious collaboration between top-tier local vendors, each bringing their unique touch to create an unforgettable experience.

Our venue provided a backdrop of historical splendor that was at once inspiring and awe-inspiring, allowing each of the event partners to shine within its storied walls.

The gastronomic delights were crafted by HC Collective, whose culinary prowess was evident in each artful presentation and delectable bite. Their catering went beyond mere food, providing a sensory journey that complemented the visual feast around us.

Miami DJ’s set the auditory scene with a carefully curated playlist, elevating the ambience with a blend of soothing tunes and vibrant beats that kept the atmosphere buzzing with energy and conversation.

Rental needs were exquisitely met by Events of the Loose, who provided the essentials that framed our brunch, from the elegant seating to the ornate display stands that held our floral arrangements.

Additional Brelex Event Rentals contributed to the aesthetic and functionality of the space came from ensuring that every detail, from the grand to the granular, was in place.


A Lavish Event handled the décor, and it was nothing short of breathtaking. Their attention to detail and design brought a rich and luxurious feel to the brunch, with every table detail and corner accent exuding elegance.


Capturing the day’s moments was Kolor Haus, whose photographic eye missed no detail. They chronicled the event not just as observers, but as artists, capturing the essence of the day.

Setting the mood with their lighting designs was MPE Event Group, whose expertise transformed the space into a warm and inviting haven, highlighting the architectural beauty of the venue and the intricate details of our event.

Modern Love Productions was behind the video lens, ensuring that the narrative of the event was told in motion, each frame a testament to the day’s vibrance and the shared joy of the attendees.

The overall planning and execution of the event were expertly handled by Haus Of Blacc, whose organizational skills and creative vision brought all elements together seamlessly.

CBK Events took charge of the draping, transforming the space with luxurious fabrics that added depth and texture to the event’s visual palette.


BBJ La Tavola provided the linens, contributing to the elegance of the tablescape with fine textures and hues that perfectly matched the day’s color scheme.


Koffeology infused the event with the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee, a perfect complement to the conversations that flowed as freely as the brunch’s libations.

Creativa & Co, with their innovative photobooth background, added an interactive element that engaged guests, providing them with personalized mementos of the day.

And finally, Fotobooth company brought the quintessential photobooth experience, creating fun, spontaneous memories for guests to take home.

This brunch was more than a meal; it was a showcase of the best that Miami’s event industry has to offer. Each vendor played a vital role, and to them, we owe the success of this splendid day. The Historic Alfred I. duPont Building stands proud to have been the vessel for such talent and to have hosted an event that will be talked about until we come together again, under its illustrious roof, for the next grand occasion.