Why Not Go DefaultVeg at Your Next Event?

As more people become sensitive to the impact of humans on the earth, many are looking for ways to be more sustainable in everything they do.

One way is to turn the traditional food service model on its head. Typically events offering traditional fare with meat, seafood, and dairy at conferences, weddings and other gatherings. They’ll then provide a few special dishes for vegetarians or vegans. The DefaultVeg movement aims to flip that notion.

In the past, those who wanted vegan or vegetarian meals at an event had to practically beg for special meals, if they were able to get them at all. The DefaultVeg idea begins with a wide selection of plant-based meals, and asks meat-eaters to opt out if they want their usual menu items.


Many benefits

According to the Vegetarian Society, there are many benefits to a DefaultVeg approach to food and beverage (F&B) meal planning.

Vegetarian and vegan food has a much lower carbon footprint than comparable meat-based dishes.

Organizations that demonstrate an awareness of their environmental impact stand out from those who don’t.

Image via Vegetarian Society

Plant-based diets are one of the healthiest ways to eat. They also tend to energize attendees as opposed to the afternoon lethargy so common after a meat-heavy meal.

A menu that is based in plants but also includes options for those who prefer meat and fish ends up pleasing everybody.

Most important for the budget-minded, you’ll save money on your F&B menu, because plant-based foods, especially when sourced locally, are more cost effective than a meat-based menu.

Going DefaultVeg

When creating a menu, have the caterer approach it in a positive light. Rather than touting selections as “meat-free,” label them “plant-based” or “veggie.”

Highlight taste. Many ethnic dishes are vegan or vegetarian and also full of sauces and spices that impart memorable flavor.

At the same time, try to keep to dishes that diners are familiar with. Beans and legumes can provide a high-protein base for numerous menu items. Vegetable soups are not only flavorful and filling, but were often a part of every childhood, and therefor reassuring and welcome.

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