Upcycled Art Can Set Your Conference Apart

All savvy corporations these days are jumping on the sustainability bandwagon, and not just because it’s the right thing to do.

Research by Cone Communication shows that 87 percent of B2B buyers made a purchasing decision based on whether the vendor shares their values. And Nielsen found that 73 percent of consumers say that they’d change their habits to reduce their environmental impact.

Our future depends on everyone getting on board with smart consumption, and embracing the concepts of “reduce, reuse, recycle,” largely because of new studies. One study found plastic fibers in 87 percent of human lungs studied. Another found microplastic particles in 94 percent of water tested in the U.S.

Visible commitment

You can, of course, build sustainability into your conference through such steps as going paperless, reducing travel, and managing conference waste.

Efforts such as these are not only good public relations; they can also save your company money.

But here’s another way to put a public face on your commitment to be an environmentally friendly organization: a display of upcycled art at your next conference.

Upcycled art is the practice of reusing and recycling found objects to create new works of art, and it’s a worldwide trend.

Such displays can provide attendees with a unique experience during the conference, create buzz both during and after the event, and make a visible statement about your firm’s values when it comes to saving the planet.

They are also educational and fun, as well as supporting local artists.

Waste to art

Upcycled art displays are eminently Instagrammable, giving your brand far-reaching exposure that goes well beyond the conference itself. They will also provide conversation-starters for attendees, as well as leaving a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.

And to prompt attendees to post even more about your display, consider having artists create their pieces over the course of your conference. People at your conference can post or tweet out a constant stream of updates on the progress of the creations.

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