Try These Pandemic Precautions to Boost Event Attendance

covid precautions at events weddings


The waves of COVID-19 surges and variants are quite frustrating to us all. Just when it looks like we can start returning to normal, we’re back to uncertainty, making it hard to plan for big events.

But after nearly two years of the pandemic, we do have an overall idea of how to minimize the risks of coronavirus infections. And there are ways to help your guests feel more comfortable and reassured.

Indeed, as we enter year three of the coronavirus, it seems everyone is eager to resume at least a semblance of our old way of life, including attending shows and performances. One survey found that 71 percent of respondents would attend live, indoor events this year, and 79 percent said they would welcome health and safety efforts at such gatherings.

Here are a few tips on ways to set attendees’ minds at ease.

  1. Clear communication is key. Be sure to clearly state:
    – any mask, testing, and vaccination requirements for attendees and staff
    – special cleaning and disinfecting steps you’ve taken
    – state-of-the-art air filtration systems you’ve put in place
    – flexible and generous cancellation policies


  1. Consider offering on-site testing. Rapid tests are still difficult to come by at the moment, but if your event is scheduled in the next few months, they should be more available by then.


  1. If your meeting or event lends itself to a hybrid mixing of digital and in-person gathering, try to make that option available to those who still aren’t comfortable traveling.


  1. Emphasize in your publicity material how the spacious rooms and high ceilings of the historic Alfred I. duPont Building will provide for maximum air circulation and allow for social distancing.


The appetite for large events is growing, so offering your guests the reassurance of a healthy venue will help boost attendance and ensure a successful event this year.