The History of Miami’s Best Event Space

When we talk about Miami’s Alfred I. duPont Building being “historic,” we’d like to give you a little background to explain why we emphasize that particular term.

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The beginning

Begun in 1937, the duPont Building was the first skyscraper built in Miami since the Dade County Courthouse in 1928. It was the first major construction project to be built since Florida’s Bust of 1926 following the Great Hurricane of that year. Thus, it signaled Miami’s economic recovery from the Depression.

It also reflected the times, as one of the most representative structures in Miami of the Moderne style of architecture, incorporating the popular art deco style of that period.

It also reflected the 1930s “regionalism” movement, with painted Seminole Indian motifs, as well as artwork of the local flora and fauna.


Other uses

The Alfred I. duPont Building was originally the headquarters of the Florida National Bank, which was organized in 1931 by financier Alfred I. duPont.

During World War II, it was officially “commissioned” by the U.S. Navy, and served as the fleet headquarters for the 7th Naval District until June 30, 1946, earning it the designation “U.S.S. Neversink.”

It also served as one of downtown Miami’s major office complexes after the bank’s relocation in 1983.

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Officially historic

When we use the term “historic,” we don’t just mean “old.”

The Alfred I. duPont Building was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1989. The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the nation’s history places that have been deemed worthy of preservation.

It was also designated a Historic Landmark in 1992, and named a Dade Heritage Trust Inductee in 1999.

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Jewel of a setting

These days, because of its prime location in downtown Miami, along with its stunning architecture and dramatic interiors, it is the setting for a host of varied events, from weddings and meetings to performances and music videos.

So if you’re looking for an uncommon venue for your event, look no further than the Historic Alfred I. duPont Building.