Planning a Memorable Company Holiday Party

Lucky you! You’ve been tasked with planning your company holiday party. So how do you make this year’s celebration stand out and—more important—make everyone want to come?

Here are a few tips to make your job a little easier.

Don’t go it alone

Even if you’re bursting with terrific ideas, have boundless energy, and are dynamite at details, get some help. A planning committee can help you make decisions and handle myriad tasks.

Know your budget

One way to lose points with management is to go over budget. So before you do the first bit of planning, find out how much corporate is willing to spend on the festivities.

Pick your party style

Once you know what the budget is, you’ll be better able to decide on whether you’ll have to stick to an at-work luncheon, an after-hours happy hour, or a full-on extravagant bash at a great venue with hired entertainment, etc.

Find a venue

The right setting goes a long way in making your company holiday party memorable. Your budget will largely determine your selection, but also consider ambiance (like the elegant Alfred I. duPont Building in downtown Miami), attendance, and location.

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Settle on a theme

The holidays, of course, provide the overall theme, but to make the night really memorable, find something to set your party apart: Dickens decor, a night in Paris, or a casino party, for example.

Choose the entertainment

For an on-site office party or for an after-hours get together, entertainment won’t be necessary. But if you’re going the all-out formal route, you’ll want to rent a DJ, a band, or even a Broadway troupe, if the budget permits.

Select your menu

An on-site party could be a potluck, or you could order in lunch from a local deli. A more formal event calls for either a catered sit-down meal with a custom menu or a buffet-style spread.

Limit libations

Most attendees will want to drink alcohol, but unless you control it, it could be a budget buster, not to mention encouraging excessive drinking—an absolute no-no at a company function. So either skip the cocktail hour and serve drinks only with dinner, or offer two drink tickets per person.

For the ultimate in unusual party venues, try the Historic Alfred I. duPont Building in downtown Miami. Its unique Art Deco atmosphere can accommodate a range of themes.