Newest Cocktail Trends for 2022

The pandemic changed a lot of things over the last two years, one of which was our taste in drinks. If you’re planning an event at Miami’s hottest event space, the Historic Alfred I. duPont Building, you’ll want to know what they are.

So here’s a sample of what your guests will be looking for in cocktail and beverage trends this year.

Traditionals with a twist

This year, whiskey, rum, gin and especially tequila and its smoky cousin mezcal are seeing a resurgence, but in exotic new ways, like a chocolate martini, for instance.

People are becoming more appreciative of tequila because of the time it takes to harvest the agave plant—up to 20 years in some cases. And the agave craze has spawned a creative blending of spirits, with such combinations as agave vodka and whiskey aged in mezcal or tequila casks or even the reverse: tequila aged in sherry casks. 

cocktail trends

Social media-worthy cocktails

One of the biggest trends for cocktails and drinks nowadays is that a cocktail can’t just taste good. It has to look good, too, so that it’s worthy of posting. Thus, it’s looked on as a kind of art project that is crafted into a special experience for the viewer as well as the drinker.

The overall effect should be stunning, which can be achieved through color layering like a tequila sunrise or a black-and-tan. Such drinks will not only have an abundance of cleverly carved fruit, but also such unusual garnishes as dates, exotic flowers, chocolate, or whole berries.

cocktail trends

‘Mocktails’ are moving in

Along with the pandemic-inspired push toward taking better care of our health came a new urge to reduce or eliminate alcohol intake. Google predicts that searches for the word “mocktail” will increase by 58 percent in 2022.

This means you’ll want to offer your teetotaling guests such non-alcoholic beverages as non-alcoholic beer and wine, and zero-proof cocktails. But these drinks don’t have to look or taste boring.

They do, however, have to be attractive, and with an eye toward health. Think herbal drinks loaded with fruit, and maybe even laced with CBD or crystals.

For the perfect ambiance in which to set these drinks, be sure to book the glamorous Alfred I. duPont Building in downtown Miami.