Celebrate International Women’s Day in the Best Way!

As we approach March 8th, 2024, International Women’s Day (IWD) reminds us of the importance of fostering diversity and equality. This year’s theme of #InspireInclusion resonates strongly, emphasizing the need to celebrate women’s achievements and address ongoing challenges. To mark this occasion, let’s explore 16 empowering and celebratory event ideas.

Discussion and Speaker Ideas:

  1. Panel Discussion on Workplace Equity: Host a panel of experts to discuss gender equity, addressing biases in the workplace and strategies for improvement.
  2. Q&A with Change-Making Women: Engage successful women in a Q&A session, focusing on embracing equity in various aspects of life.
  3. Open Mic for Stories and Feedback: Create a safe space for women to share experiences and provide feedback, fostering transparency and engagement.
  4. Author Reading with Women Writers: Showcase the achievements of women writers through live readings and discussions, highlighting their contributions.

Activity Ideas

  1. Brunch Celebration: Organize a fun brunch event, serving as a fundraiser for women-focused nonprofits or a platform for insightful discussions.
  2. Self-Care Event: Host a relaxing event with spa treatments, yoga sessions, or retreats to honor and rejuvenate women.
  3. Community Service: Give back by volunteering at women’s shelters or organizing donation drives for essential items.
  4. Empowerment Workshop: Conduct workshops to inspire action and change, encouraging participation in grassroots efforts.
  5. Fitness Event: Get people moving with a fun run, yoga gathering, or dance event, while raising funds for women’s charities.
  6. Children’s Activities: Engage children with educational games or storytelling sessions, promoting gender equality awareness.

Theme and Topic Ideas

  1. Highlight Intersectionality: Explore how women’s empowerment intersects with diversity, sustainability, and political change.
  2. Creative Media Showcase: Feature works by female creators through film screenings, book clubs, or podcast discussions.
  3. Industry Recognition: Spotlight successful women in various industries, acknowledging their contributions and inspiring others.
  4. Appreciation Time: Provide time for attendees to celebrate and appreciate the women in their lives through meaningful gestures or activities.
  5. Support Women-Owned Businesses: Partner with and support women-owned businesses through career fairs, job summits, and partnerships.


International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate achievements, reflect on progress, and take action for a more inclusive future. By organizing empowering events, we can inspire change, foster community engagement, and honor women worldwide. Let’s make this year’s International Women’s Day a memorable celebration of empowerment and inclusion.