Four Myths About the DuPont Building

There’s no better place in all of Miami to hold your dream wedding than the historic Alfred I. duPont Building.

But that has led to several misconceptions about the venue, including that it’s “just” for weddings.

Here are four of the most common myths about our venue:

garden wedding miami

  1. You can’t have a garden wedding

Not only can you have a charming garden wedding here, but you’re also not subject to the whims of nature: no sudden storms, no uninvited insects, no oppressive humidity.

Plus, you get to create your own idea of a “secret garden” instead of having to adapt to a pre-existing landscape.


intimate wedding miami

  1. It’s too large for intimate events

Brides magazine lists nearly a dozen ways to make a big event space seem cozy and intimate, from placing large trees around the perimeter of the room to incorporating creative lighting such as candles and pin spotting tables, to clustering tables around a central focal point like the DJ and dance floor or a sweetheart table.

It’s easy to create a feeling of intimacy, while at the same time having room to comfortably accommodate a large number of guests.


small flower arrangements

  1. You need tall flower arrangements

Of course you don’t need tall arrangements to match the lofty ceilings!

Even Martha Stewart admits that “smaller compote centerpieces are gorgeous in their own right,” and that sky-high, vertical arrangements “definitely limit conversation once all attendees have taken their seats.”

You can still achieve the “wow” factor through creative arrangements and carefully chosen vessels.


party venue miami

  1. It’s only good for weddings

No, no, no! This may be the biggest myth of all! The Alfred I. duPont Building has been host to parties, dances, performances, corporate meetings, and benefits. It’s even been the setting for many popular music videos by artists such as Pitbull, Ozuna, Malu Trevejo, and Gente DeZona.

We even welcomed the Miami Film Festival and a special benefit hosted by Antonio Banderas.


For the time of your life, no matter the special occasion, you’ll want to consider the history, ambiance, and unique setting of the Alfred I. duPont Building. Contact us today for a tour!

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