Biggest Event Trends for 2022

event trends 2022

The good news for 2022 is that, even with the omicron variant rearing its ugly head, we’re still light-years away from where we were in February of 2020. We now have the vaccines, and effective treatments, and a pent-up tidal wave of people desperate to get back to normal.

The bad news is that some are still reluctant to travel to large events. So it’s up to those planning such events to put people’s minds at ease. This could mean offering on-site testing, advanced air-filtration systems, specialized cleaning crews, flexible cancellation policies, and so on, to ensure the health and safety of attendees and staff.

Of course, South Florida event space, the Alfred I. DuPont Building offers a distinct advantage as an indoor setting in these lingering pandemic times. Its unique, lofty ceilings and spacious ballrooms allow for maximum air circulation and social distancing unmatched by any other indoor venue.

Here are the biggest event trends for 2022:

Weddings Top the List

The most pent-up demand for any event this year will be weddings. And we mean the big blowout kind with all the trimmings. The last two years have frustrated couples who were forced to put their plans on hold. But, according to Vogue, this year is set to have over 2.6 million weddings, a record 40-year high.

For those couples who were forced into micro-weddings, many are looking to make up for missing out on the wedding of their dreams with “do-over” second weddings on a massive scale.

Virtual is Still Strong

Most events were forced to go virtual during the pandemic, and that trend will continue, at least until the pandemic is under control. Many of the events slated for 2022 will be a hybrid of digital and in-person participation. This allows those who are not yet comfortable in large gatherings to participate in live events from the safety of their own homes while forging the personal connections so vital to in-person meetings and events.

Values Drive Attendance

One thing that has emerged from the enforced downtime of the pandemic was the chance to reflect on what really matters. Both attendees and event professionals have signaled a renewed commitment to such values as sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Events that either focus on or incorporate these and similar values into their planning, purpose, and execution will see higher overall participation.