5 Simple Tips to Host a Sustainable Conference

These days if your company wants to project a positive brand image, you need to be on board with the concept of sustainability. That is, actions that reduce your carbon footprint and any negative impact on the environment.

Forbes’ research reveals that 88% of consumers want brands to help them be more environmentally friendly. And many companies are responding. According to Eventbrite’s monthly Events Industry Report, sustainability is a prime consideration when event creators plan their conferences and meetings.

Not only do sustainable practices help the earth and enhance your company’s reputation, it can also cut down on the cost of the event, as you’ll see below.

So here are five easy ways to host a sustainable conference or company event.

1. Go paperless.

Or at least reduce the paper you typically use. That means turning to digital marketing, planning your conference online as much as possible, issuing online invitations, and using an event app in place of the usual folders, handouts, booklets, flyers, and business cards for attendees.

2. Choose sustainable vendors and exhibitors.

Source food and beverages locally, for example, and make sure your caterer uses reusable plates, glasses, linens and so on instead of disposable items. And try to get an accurate head count of attendees to avoid over-ordering food.


3. Ditch the single-use plastics.

Provide water and coffee in pitchers and carafes in place of plastic water bottles with reusable or recyclable mugs or cups. Offer condiments in containers rather than individual plastic packets. And choose food items such as sandwich wraps that don’t require as many utensils.

4. Create a waste management strategy.

Start with clearly marked recycle bins for waste for attendees. Also check with local food banks to see whether leftover food can be donated.

5. Offer a hybrid option.

for far-flung attendees to cut down on travel to a single location. For these people, offer a live stream with a dial-in interactive option.

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