How To Select the Perfect Theme for Your Event

Wedding planners have been creating theme weddings for years: garden weddings, winter weddings, rustic weddings, and so forth.

But have you thought about creating a perfect theme for other types of events? Conferences, baby showers, bar and bat mitzvahs, trade shows, anniversary parties, benefits . . . any type of event can be kicked up a notch with a compelling or fun theme.

The perfect theme can even help attract media attention and, thereby, more attendees. But don’t worry that you need to come up with the greatest theme ever for your event. To be memorable, it just has to be right for your attendees.

event theme

Type of event

The type of event you’re planning can help you narrow your choices.

Is your event formal or informal? Does it take place over several days or is it a stand-alone event like a graduation or retirement party?

Corporate meetings will have a totally different vibe from an engagement party, for example, but any event can benefit from having a theme.

Your venue

An outdoor venue lends itself to such themes as sports, a garden party, or beach activities.

An indoor event offers more options because you’re not constrained by the weather.

Your budget

The amount of money you have to work with will dictate how much you can spend on the decor, activities, music, and menu.

That necessarily doesn’t mean you have to scale down your preferred theme, as long as you can find innovative ways to cut costs. You might go for a buffet bar rather than a sit-down dinner with several courses, for example.

event theme

Your audience

This is the most important factor. If you know what type of attendee you hope to attract, you can more easily focus on their interests to help select your perfect theme.

Are they young, likely to spend their time on social media and streaming the latest hit series? Think “Game of Thrones” or “Encanto.”

Older attendees might appreciate a nostalgic theme, like a ‘70s disco party.

Even considering the above constraints, you have an almost unlimited number of themes to choose from: You can go topical, drawing from some trending news or entertainment topics, or historical, like “knights of the roundtable.”

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