How Event Tech Can Make Conference Planning Easier

Pity the poor conference planner these days. With budgets tightened, COVID-19 still lurking, and layoffs looming, companies are asking their organizers to do more with less. That means they want their events to be successful without spending much.

The answer? Event technology.

You probably already incorporate some basic event tech into your conference: digital check-in and RFID badges; social media walls that display attendees’ posts and photos; and, of course, mobile event apps to facilitate communication and help build connections.

And naturally you use data insights and analytics reports to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) both before and after the event.

Next-level conference event tech

But these days, to attract conference-goers, maximize your return on investment (ROI), and generate a high net promoter score (NPS, a measure of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and enthusiasm) you need to incorporate more of the “wow” factor that attendees have come to expect. That means you have to offer some “experience-first” events that attendees can only get in person.

So here are a few of the newer trends showing up at conferences this year.

1. Holographic telepresence

To kick your conference out of the ho-hum meetings and talks, consider having a few speakers appear as an interactive hologram that can see and speak with your audience.

2. Gamification

To foster audience engagement, try incorporating “gamified” events such as digital quizzes and polls, and scavenger hunts, where attendees can earn points toward prizes for visiting a booth or answering questions.

3. Live streaming

Along the same lines as holograms, today’s audiences want something to break the tedium. So consider live streaming at least some presentations just to shake things up.

4. Augmented and virtual reality

If your budget permits, think about AR and VR; some AR apps can even be used on many smartphones.

5. Unusual venues

For that “something extra” attendees are looking for, conference locations need to go beyond the hotel and meeting room spaces. And when you’re looking for a unique conference or meeting space, be sure to consider the Historic Alfred I. duPont Building in downtown Miami.

Originally a sumptuous bank vault owned by financier Alfred I. duPont, such an elegant ambience incorporates the decadent glamour of 1920s Art Deco, visually echoing and reinforcing the impact of your company’s success. So contact us today to book your corporate event.