Bridesmaid Responsibilities



In the age of Instagram, Pinterest, and the rise of DIY weddings, the role of the bridesmaid has evolved from merely standing by the bride’s side on her big day to a multi-faceted role involving planning, support, and creativity. Here at The Historic Alfred I. duPont Building, we try to make things as seamless as possible. Here’s a glimpse into the modern-day bridesmaid’s responsibilities:

1. Pre-Wedding Support:

Before the festivities even begin, bridesmaids often provide emotional and logistical support. This could be accompanying the bride for dress fittings, helping to scout venues, or simply being a listening ear during stressful wedding decisions.

2. Planning and Hosting Events:

This is not just limited to the traditional bridal shower. Modern bridesmaids might be involved in planning engagement parties, bachelorette parties, and even post-wedding brunches or get-togethers. They help ensure these events reflect the bride’s tastes and preferences.

3. Social Media Maven:

Bridesmaids these days often play a pivotal role in creating or contributing to the couple’s wedding hashtag, setting up Instagram stories or TikTok videos, and even coordinating unplugged wedding announcements.

4. DIY Projects:

Thanks to Pinterest and the rise of personalized weddings, bridesmaids might find themselves crafting decorations, assembling favors, or even offering input on wedding website design.

5. Wardrobe Coordination:

Gone are the days when all bridesmaids wore the same dress. Now, bridesmaids might be given a color palette or a theme and can choose dresses that flatter their individual styles, while still coordinating with the overall wedding aesthetic.

6. Day-Of Coordination:

On the big day, bridesmaids often assist with ensuring a smooth flow of events. They might help coordinate between vendors, manage minor emergencies, or act as a point of contact for guests.

7. Emotional Support:

Perhaps the most timeless duty, modern bridesmaids still play a crucial role in keeping the bride calm, offering words of encouragement, and reminding her to soak in every precious moment.

8. Cultural and Traditional Duties:

Depending on the couple’s cultural background, bridesmaids might participate in specific rituals or ceremonies. They might assist with traditional dress changes, contribute to ceremonial dances, or even play specific roles in religious or cultural ceremonies.

9. Post-Wedding Responsibilities:

After the wedding, bridesmaids might help with returning rented items, preserving decorations, and ensuring thank-you notes get sent out. They also continue to play a role in celebrating anniversaries or reminding the couple of special memories from their wedding day.

10. Financial Considerations:

It’s worth noting that being a bridesmaid can come with a financial commitment. From dresses and travel to gifts and pre-wedding events, it’s essential for bridesmaids to communicate with the bride about budget constraints.


The role of the modern bridesmaid is dynamic and diverse. While some responsibilities have remained consistent throughout time, others have adapted to the digital age, shifting cultural norms, and personal preferences of each unique bride. Regardless of the specific duties, at the heart of every bridesmaid’s role is love, support, and a dedication to making the bride’s journey to “I do” as special as possible.