Biggest Event Trends for 2023

One leftover result of the pandemic is that we discovered how many things could be accomplished remotely. From Zoom meetings to webinars to remote work, to say that things changed in the last three years is a gross understatement.

And event trends for 2023 all foresee the continuance of hybrid events, because not only has the technology advanced remarkably, but also because we’ve become more comfortable with it.

What this means is it now takes more of an EVENT to draw people in person. Just as it takes a blockbuster film to get people into an actual movie theater these days, in-person events will need to offer features that simply aren’t available remotely. Let’s take a closer look at some of the 2023 top event trends.

That “something extra”

Whether they’re called “experiential entertainment,” “transformational experiences,” or “experience-first events,” everything from corporate conferences to charity events to weddings will need to offer memorable happenings that people will be talking about for months or years afterward.

Such events will feature multi-sensory experiences, such as light shows, art installations, virtual reality gaming zones, yoga lessons, networking hubs, and interactive games and shows.

Menu offerings will be designed to surprise and delight the senses. Self-serve bars allow attendees to try out new flavors and varieties of beer and wine. 

Even the venues will be different, with the boring hotel conference room banished and unique and unusual spaces—like Miami’s Historic Alfred I. duPont Building—hosting more events.


Hybrid events

On the other hand, the hybrid-type of events birthed during the pandemic are here to stay, and will be big again this year.

One reason is their sustainability. The concept of zero-waste is not only popular; it’s expected these days. Events that allow attendees to attend remotely cut down on air or car travel, as well as food waste, for example.

Another reason for the popularity of hybrid events is inflation. Everything from fuel to vendor costs are rising worldwide, and hybrid events can save both planners and attendees money.

A third reason is accessibility. Live-event captioning offers the ability for inclusion on a global scale, thus expanding the event’s reach.

And when you’re scheduling your event, be sure to consider the Historic Alfred I. duPont Building. With its elegant and impressive interiors and historic details, it provides a memorable setting your attendees will be talking about for years afterward!