How Event Planners Can Get a Head Start on Future Events

Three words: virtual site visit. These venues are bringing out all the digital stops to help planners lock down dates for future events—without ever leaving their homes.

How are you supposed to plan an event without leaving your home? It’s a question running through many event planners’ minds in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak that’s led to governmental stay-at-home orders nationwide.

Though the pandemic has brought the industry to a nearly screeching halt, event professionals are thankful now more than ever for the seemingly endless modern technology at their disposal, as each innovative phone application, virtual software, and online resource has allowed the industry to move forward.

Meanwhile, at the historic Alfred I. Dupont Building in Miami, virtual site visits are nothing new—”the 360-degree virtual tour was created in partnership with the Miami Convention Visitors Bureau at the end of 2019,” explains venue and events manager Deborah Lindenfeld—but certainly a more popular feature since the COVID-19 outbreak. “The intention was to highlight Miami’s most popular gems and attractions. Little did we know that this would become the best (and only) way of showcasing the venue while working from home. We have been scheduling virtual walk-throughs where our events specialist navigates the space while sharing all the history, facts, anecdotes, and images of past events. Most times, it feels very real.”

As an added incentive for planners to begin booking venues for future events while a majority of stay-at-home orders are still in effect, some venues are even offering special pricing options. “We’ve been seeing a lot of flexibility from our clients during this unusual time, namely that prospective clients are willing to book our venues without seeing them in person,” says Starr. “We’ve been running ‘roll-the-dice’ promotions, where if a client will roll the dice with us by booking our venue only based on the virtual tour, we’ll offer a discount on the venue rental fee. We know there’s a lot of financial stress for everyone right now, so we’re trying to alleviate that.”

This week, Orlando’s Avenue Event Group is debuting virtual site visit videos with voice-overs from a member of the Avenue Event Group team to allow event planners to “walk through” the venue on their own time. “We decided to do these pre-recorded sites as a means of anticipating client needs,” explains managing partner Sean Hughes. “Clients need to see the space they are booking and feel comfortable with their event planner prior to signing a contract, which is accomplished with these tours. Although a majority of our clients would conduct in-person site visits prior to COVID-19, we also had a good portion of clients book with us, site unseen, thanks to photos, virtual tours, and videos of the venues. The pre-recorded sites add another layer to these assets that help clients feel more confident in booking a space.”

And thanks to virtual tour software and platforms like Concept3DAnimoto, or Threshold 360, venues have the answer for how to provide event planners professional-quality virtual site visits. “Through our network of ‘creators,’ we schedule and coordinate the virtual tour capture for individual locations or entire destinations,” says Seth Lawson, sales director at location visualization platform Threshold 360, which was tapped by Lindenfield to help execute the virtual site visit videography for the Alfred I. Dupont Building. “[We’ve] developed a platform that allows users to store and distribute those virtual tours easily via embed, link, MP4, or customizable map.”

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