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Newest Cocktail Trends for 2022

The pandemic changed a lot of things over the last two years, one of which was our taste in drinks. If you’re planning an event at Miami’s hottest event space, the Historic Alfred I. duPont Building, you’ll want to know what they are.

So here’s a sample of what your guests will be looking for in cocktail and beverage trends this year.

Traditionals with a twist

This year, whiskey, rum, gin and especially tequila and its smoky cousin mezcal are seeing a resurgence, but in exotic new ways, like a chocolate martini, for instance.

People are becoming more appreciative of tequila because of the time it takes to harvest the agave plant—up to 20 years

Think Outside the Conference Room

Even before the pandemic, event planners were beginning to look beyond the traditional ballroom and conference room to host their business venues. But one thing the two-year coronavirus reset did was cause many to rethink the way they’d been doing things.

Plus, a more informal business culture that was created when employees were forced to work from home. This combination has led to a new way of engaging employees in traditional workplace events.

Built-in advantages

That includes breaking boring corporate conferences out of the box. Not only does selecting a non-traditional event venue help spark more creative thinking, such an atypical location generates anticipation from those who are used to spending eight hour

Have You Considered a Lab-Created Diamond?

Whether for budget, humanitarian, or ecological reasons, many people have turned to a lab-created diamond for their engagement ring.

Studies estimate that an average of 1,750 tons of earth must be removed for every one-carat rough diamond. As with coal mining, the result is untold devastation to the soil, water, and wildlife, as well as the native peoples, who can no longer farm or even live around the resulting open-pit mines.

[caption id="attachment_2153" align="aligncenter" width="432"]lab created diamond Erika Delgado Photography[/caption]

Less-destructive solution

How to Boost Attendance at Your Event

Once you’ve booked your event at Miami’s most in-demand event space, the historic Alfred I. duPont Building, you’ll want as many people as possible to attend. Here are a few ideas on how to increase attendance at your event.

Generate buzz

As soon as you have decided on the main outline—one or two featured guests/artists, a few activities, general location and prospective dates—start letting people know. You don’t have to have every single detail locked down, just the overall picture. 

You can tease your prospective event attendance with a few enticing tidbits to pique interest with regu

Where to Stay in Miami

If you’re planning an event in Miami, of course, you’ll want to hold it at Miami’s best event space, the Historic Alfred I. duPont Building.

stay miami events

And if you’re bringing in guests from out of town, they’ll want to know where to stay while they’re here. Here are a few of our favorites:

Luxury accommodations

According to U.S. News and World Report, Miami is home to three of the top 50 hotels in the country. Each year the magazine releases its list of the nation’s best lodging, ranked on the comfort of accom

Thinking Green for Your Wedding Reception

Want to keep your reception as eco-friendly as possible? Many people do these days, especially considering the amount of waste produced by the average wedding. One survey, for example, found that a wedding reception hosting 100-120 people produces about 400-600 pounds of waste. So if you want to create a sustainable wedding reception, here are a few ideas.

Combine sites

One way to cut down on travel for the wedding party and guests, thus reducing carbon emissions, is to find a venue that can accommodate both the wedding and the reception.

The historic Alfred I. duPont building in downtown Miami is a perfect example of a venue that can serve dual purposes. With its dramatic interiors and convenient location, it makes

How To Select the Perfect Theme for Your Event

Wedding planners have been creating theme weddings for years: garden weddings, winter weddings, rustic weddings, and so forth.

But have you thought about creating a perfect theme for other types of events? Conferences, baby showers, bar and bat mitzvahs, trade shows, anniversary parties, benefits . . . any type of event can be kicked up a notch with a compelling or fun theme.

The perfect theme can even help attract media attention and, thereby, more attendees. But don’t worry that you need to come up with the greatest theme ever for your event. To be memorable, it just has to be right for your attendees.

event theme read more

The History of Miami’s Best Event Space

When we talk about Miami’s Alfred I. duPont Building being “historic,” we’d like to give you a little background to explain why we emphasize that particular term.

best event space Miami

The beginning

Begun in 1937, the duPont Building was the first skyscraper built in Miami since the Dade County Courthouse in 1928. It was the first major construction project to be built since Florida’s Bust of 1926 following the Great Hurricane of that year. Thus, it signaled Miami’s economic recovery from the Depression.

It also

Four Myths About the DuPont Building

There’s no better place in all of Miami to hold your dream wedding than the historic Alfred I. duPont Building.

But that has led to several misconceptions about the venue, including that it’s “just” for weddings.

Here are four of the most common myths about our venue:

garden wedding miami

  1. You can’t have a garden wedding

Not only can you have a charming garden wedding here, but you’re also not subject to the whims of nature: no sudden storms, no uninvited insects, no oppressive humidi

Try These Pandemic Precautions to Boost Event Attendance

covid precautions at events weddings


The waves of COVID-19 surges and variants are quite frustrating to us all. Just when it looks like we can start returning to normal, we’re back to uncertainty, making it hard to plan for big events.

But after nearly two years of the pandemic, we do have an overall idea of how to minimize the risks of coronavirus infections. And there are ways to help your guests feel more comfortable and reassured.

Indeed, as we enter year three of the coronavirus, it seems everyone is eager to resume at least a semblance of our old way of life, in