Melissa & Quincy’s Vibrant and Luxurious Miami Wedding

Melissa & Quincy’s Vibrant and Luxurious Wedding in Top Wedding Venues In Miami.

For Melissa and Quincy the serendipitous nature of their “chance” encounters certainly seems more fatalistic than random. One may go even further by saying their eventual coming together as husband and wife was altogether guided by a hire power… Having initially met in the school dining hall, Quincy was immediately drawn to Melissa who sat in preparation for exams.

After an unsuccessful attempt to ask her out to dinner, the two parted and a few years went by… For the second time they would be brought together, this time during fourth of July in Las Vegas while Melissa celebrated her sister’s birthday getaway. From across a crowded room, Quincy, once again magnetically drawn to Melissa, would make his second approach, and being a professional basketball player means giving up is not an acceptable outcome – this time he would up his game. They danced “the entire night away” after which he provided her with a ride back to her hotel, and upon opening the her car door gave her a kiss…

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